We develop small, medium and large-scale websites, web applications and desktop software for individuals and business organizations, according to their preferences, to assist with their manual work processes.

We have off-the-shelf applications a client can choose from, such as Online Recruitment Systems, Point of Sale Systems, Bulk SMS applications, Payroll Systems, Church and Branches Management Systems, Requisition Management Systems among others.

The use of mobile applications have become the current trend in technology due to the fact that mobile devices are easily accessible at any point in time by majority of users.

We provide state-of-the-art mobile app development to give our clients what is expected in today’s technological era. We develop apps based on our clients specifications for android and iOS devices using Android studio, Flutter, Xcode and XOJO.

CIT Services serve as a Web Hosting provider with robust web servers that handle any quantum of data transmission or traffic due to its reliability.

Our web servers are engineered to run 24/7 with a data Backup Centered for all Cloud related operations with 99% data protection and recovery access at all time. Clients are also provided with Domain Name Registration services whereas those with already built website in need of space online, are hosted on our secure servers.

We combine cutting edge technologies in streaming programmes and events while simultaneously recording and broadcasting in real time or transmit and receive live video and audio coverage over the Internet.

Live Streaming can be of great use in reaching a wide group of people since the platforms will broadcast live contents. For example, going live on Facebook or YouTube, gives the viewer a chance to see and share images and videos on demand. Online Streaming is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world and we pride ourselves in delivering these services to the very best.

Understanding brands, how they work and what drives their consumers are very important keys in advertisement. We help individuals and companies to build successful brands.

We create an ideal opinion of what they want people to form of them by deploying an intelligent marketing strategy. We help our clients 'sell more' through commercial understanding of their business, innovation, market trends and importantly targeting their consumers wants and needs through media advertisement. We have first hand knowledge of the dynamics and techniques to make a truly successful brand. With this knowledge we have helped many new and existing brands.

We design, build, configure and maintain computer and data networks for individuals and businesses.

Our networking solutions include the physical setup of your network as well as internet routing and firewalls, internal switching, and wireless networks. We also perform Hardware installation and configuration, and software installation and configuration. We provide end-to-end networking that covers all the bases.

We provide professional advice in building software, mobile apps, websites and IT related solutions.

Our team of experienced programmers and IT experts make it possible to achieve your business objectives when consulted. Schedule a meeting with us and acquire a wide range of advice when it comes to software development, networking, internet configuration, resource and cost estimation, hazard prevention, data safety and recovery. Our doors are opened for the perfect IT business solution you need.